Decentralized Profiles

EtherEthos is a hyperstructure that facilitates the creation of a composable EtherEthos (profile) for Ethereum addresses. It empowers users to share links, associated accounts, write notes for other accounts, and store personal account details such as an alias, a preferred social media link, and a preferred NFT to use as a PFP.

Users should refrain from submitting Personally Identifying Information (PII) - this is the realm of crypto, not Facebook. This contract provides functionalities for adding, editing, and removing user details, and enables users to express their wish to 'opt-out' from their data being used in composition*.

Users must understand that by storing data in this contract, the submitted text-data becomes publicly accessible and may be used in smart contract composition, including but not limited to tokens, other contracts, or other decentralized applications (dApps) within the blockchain ecosystem.

*While 'opting-out' by toggling an account's composable value to false disables some data-returning functions, due to the public nature of the data and immutability of the blockchain, 'opt-outs' cannot be guaranteed to be respected by third-party developers.

This contract encourages developers to compose with EtherEthos's data, including into tokens, in a responsible manner respecting the users' 'opt-out' requests.

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